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This Old Fur, a small corner of Hinsdale Furriers, is now open for the season. View our This Old Fur section for great deals on gently used furs. Always call first before you bring a fur for consignment.
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Gently Used Furs
Browse our extensive section of gently used furs. They are always arriving; you never know what you will find...
This Old Fur
Gently Used Furs - This Old Fur - Photo
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Hinsdale Furriers is a Full Service Furrier (Fur store) Offering: Professional Fur Storage
and Fur Cleaning, Fur Repair, Fur Remodeling and a complete line of Gently Used Furs
(This Old Fur) and Brand New Furs and Shearlings.

Here at Hinsdale Furriers, we take great fur care and pride in our work. We offer a wide
range of services, from annual fur cleaning to onsite summer fur storage ... from repairing
your furs to reDesigning them into something new, fresh and exciting.